Have you ever wanted to throw the ultimate party?

No, no, no…

The ULTIMATE Party!!!

Even if you’ve never thrown a party before just imagine, for a moment, what your Ultimate Party would look like.

Now, let Brick Yourself help. make it even better than you’ve just imagined!

Our live events are totally wild… They’re a brilliant pandemonium of creativity and fun!

Not only are our events super-fun, they are also 100% completely unique!

Brick Yourself offers a fun and creative way for people to engage with each other as well as (hopefully) their own higher creative selves. It is an incredibly social activity and for this reason is perfectly suited to almost any party or celebratory event. 
We’re so confident in our service that we’ll happily refund the cost of any figure if the owner hasn’t had the most Interesting and Fun experience of his day so far creating it.
 guarantee that everyone who attends a Brick Yourself Event for the first time, will never have experienced anything like it anywhere on earth, in all their lives. It is literally something that can’t be got anywhere else on the planet. And, if you’re wondering why we’re the only people able to offer something like this. It’s simple: We’re awesome, the product is awesome and our events are super-awesome! So after many many years of work we were able to create something totally unique that expressed our own individual awesomeness in our own own awesome, unique way. 
Brick Yourself is happy to tailor it’s vast range of products and services to suit your budget and your  needs.



We offer a wide range of flexible options that can be personally tailored to meet:

The duration of the event;
Your budgetary requirements;
*The number of figures produced and whether it’s on the day and/or beforehand, afterwards etc;
* The style of Figures Produced;
* Whether you want custom printing, inking or other specialized bespoke techniques;
 * The scale and Nature of the Event-  Whether we’re tucked away in a modest corner or are the crowning bejeweled centerpiece of your event, Brick Yourself is happy to step up to the plate and play the role it needs to make your celebration spectacular! We can be as loud or as quiet as you like. Our staff our primarily entertainers by trade, well adept at reading the mood and providing more and more entertainment if required.

 So, go on, be that person who throws that one amazing party. It may be the celebration that no one exactly remembers but tit will also be the one they’ll never forget!

There is really nothing quite like a

Brick Yourself Party!

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20 people minimum. 200 people maximum (per day).

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